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Topps offers a fully integrated line of roof restoration and roof maintenance products for all your roofing needs. Stop roof leaks, seal seams and fasteners, repair gutter leaks and apply a waterproof coating to your roof.

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Topps works with and trains a network of qualified, independent roofing professionals around the world to provide reliable and skilled professionals for your roof repair needs.

We can also work directly with your own roofing professional or maintenance team to make in-house repairs and seal your roof.

Reduce your energy costs

Topps products don’t just stop leaks, they can reduce your peak energy costs by up to 25%. Topps Seal® products are an ENERGY STAR® certified product and used around the world in all types of climates.

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We break down the whole process from learning when it’s time to restore your roof, to the inspection process, picking the right products, and finally the roof coating process itself.

Equip yourself with the information you need to pick the best partner for all your roof repair and restoration needs.

Learn about the roof restoration process

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