TS Commercial™ WB (Water Based)
  • TS Commercial™ WB (Water Based)

    100% Acrylic Elastomeric

    Reference # 53

    Elastomeric TS Commercial™ WB installs an instant cool roof weathering shield using a superior combination of ingredients developed for value driven performance. Elevated levels of all the essential components give you superior cooling – and elastomeric qualities – all packaged into an easily applied coating which cures into a monolithic layer without seams. Applies using ordinary roller or airless spray direct to clean and properly prepared roofs that drain well and do not pool water. Cured TS Commercial™ WB is suitable for all climates.


    Wet Material:


    90 - 105 K.U.

    Weight per Gallon

    11 - 12 lb.


    55 - 60% 

    Flashpoint of solvent



    35 g/l


    4 - 6

    Dry to Touch @ 77° F (50% rel. humidity)

    4 hrs


    Cured Coating:

    Ultimate Elongation


    Ultimate Tensile Strength

    210 psi

    Perm Rating

    25 perms

    Solar Reflectivity


    Thermal Emittance




    Service Temperature

    -20° - -140° F


    Q: What is the best roof coating to use if I live where VOCs are not permitted?

    A: If you are worried that you won’t be able to coat your roof because you need a zero VOC solution, look no further. TS Commercial™ WB uses water-based technology to provide a roof coating that seals to a seam-free weather resistant finish without the significant use of VOCs. TS Commercial™ WB is VOC compliant in all 50 states.

    Q: In what colors can I purchase TS Commercial™ WB?

    A: TS Commercial™ WB only comes in Ultra-white.

    Q: Are there roof coatings that actually breathe, allowing vapor to escape through the coating?

    A: Yes. TS Commercial™ WB is a water-based roof coating solution for Metal roofs, BUR, Modified Bitumen roofs, Concrete roofs and Masonry. It breathes and yet offers excellent moisture repellency.