TS Commercial Grade™
  • TS Commercial Grade™

    The Most Economical, High Performance Protective Roof Coating

    Reference # 20

    Topps Seal Commercial Grade™ is an alternative elastomeric, water-free cool white roof coating exceeds the physical properties of most all competitive coatings at a very economical price for your industrial or commercial roof projects. It provides all-weather, seam-free protection that repels moisture and keeps harmful UV rays off your roof. The superior moisture resistance properties of TS Commercial Grade™ guard to prevent rust on metal and provides a durable and effective shield against weathering. The water-free package gives installers an extended application season, without threat of freezing, and with reduced wash-off risks.

    • Repels non-standing water — won’t wick or transmit moisture
    • Superior Resistance to weather, pollution and mold
    • Long-lasting rust and corrosion protection
    • Instantly reduces roof temperatures by as much as 40° F
    • Retains flexibility in all temperatures, even down to -40° F
    • Energy Savings – meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR® requirements
    • CRRC certified
    • Use on metal, bituminous surfaces, masonry, block and concrete


    Ultimate elongation


    Ultimate tensile strength

    1000 psi

    Water vapor permeability

    0.25 perms

    Service temperature

    e -40° - 140° F

    Heat stability

    140° F

    Cold stability

    40° F



    Thermal Emmittance


    Resistance to: corrosion


    Industrial pollutants


    Ultraviolet rays



    Q: I have a large commercial roofing project and want to apply a cooling coating but need to stay within tight budget constraints. What is the best solution for me?

    A: TS Commercial Grade™ provides all-rubber roof coating benefits at a lower cost than our standard products. It offers cooling and UV protection and a water tight seal for your large commercial roof and can be used on any roof type.

    Q: Can I apply a commercial grade roof coating in wet weather conditions?

    A: Yes. TS Commercial Grade™ offers the benefit of an all-rubber, water-free solution which is easy to apply and resistant to wash off.  It can also be applied even in below freezing temperatures.

    Q: Can I apply a commercial grade coating to my roof if I already have rust setting in?

    A: Yes, but you will need to do appropriate preparation before applying your roof coating product. We recommend the application of RustArrestor™ to remove rust and prepare your surface for coating.