• ThermRepel™

    20-Year Self-Sealing Water-Based Metal Roof Sealant

    Reference # 18

    ThermRepel® combines elastomeric coating benefits with the most durable water-based, new-generation technology for long-lasting rooftop performance in all climates. The fluoropolymer-based chemistry of ThermRepel uses similar technology behind high-performance metal paints, which can provide well over 25 years of durability on high span bridges and other difficult applications. Topps® adds in its own 30+ years of experience in producing protective roof coatings, giving you a permanently flexible ultra-cool protective finish with the extraordinary stability of this highly effective product. The result—the ultimate all-water-clean-up protective roof coolant ideally suited to those conditions associated with rooftops.

    • Twice the durability of conventional 100% acrylic coatings
    • Meets both CRRC® requirements
    • Low VOC and compliant in all states
    • Durable protection that can twice outlast competitors or longer
    • Use with SeamGuard™ WB for an all water-based solution for roof leaks along seams/fasteners
    • Reduces roof top temperatures
    • Reduce maintenance cost and leaks associated with thermal shock
    • 20-year product defect limited warranty on metal
    • ThermRepel repels solar heat, moisture and blocks corrosion


    Ultimate Elongation


    Ultimate tensile strength

    ~200 psi

    Water vapor permeability

    5 perms

    Tg (°F/C)








    Thermal Emittance





    Q:  What is the warranty on ThermRepel® roof coating?

    A:  ThermRepel® delivers lasting protection leaving a superior finish backed by our 20-year product defect limited warranty on metal.

    Q: What are the long-term benefits ThermRepel® roof coating for my metal roof? 

    A: The ThermRepel® coating repels solar heat, moisture, blocks corrosion and is suitable to many other surfaces that are free of ponded water.  It’s highly reflective surface protects against UV damage and provides significant cooling benefits to the building, reducing overall energy expenditure.

    Q: How long does it take for an elastomeric coating like ThermRepel® to dry and be stable to moisture?

    A: Roughly four hours with proper application.