Topps Seal® for PVC
  • Topps Seal® for PVC

    Formulated to Avoid Migrating Plasticizers

    Reference # 14

    Topps Seal® for PVC is specially formulated to be compatible with the migrating plasticizers of a PVC roof. Migrating plasticizers from PVC roofing material can cause structural instability and damage when non-specialized coatings are implemented. Topps Seal® for PVC is an extremely durable, 100% rubber elastomeric roofing compound. The interlinking network of components unify into a seam-free, single-ply layer of rubber that applies a virtual lock onto existing PVC roofing membranes. The result: a highly elastic, seamless top layer that adds new weathering protection to your existing roof, without new roof costs.

    This coating, in white, meets or exceeds all Federal ENERGY STAR® specs for proven ability to drive down cooling costs at times of extreme heat and is CRRC® registered. It is used across all continents, including the Antarctic. Use with Topps Seal® Base Coat for PVC/ EPDM as the first layer on these roofs.

    • Specially formulated for PVC roofs
    • Protective roof coating extends service life
    • Blocks moisture, UV
    • Energy savings, cools


    Wet material: typical product characteristics


    118-125 K.U

    Weight per gallon

    8.8 - 9.2 lb.


    49% min.

    Flashpoint of solvent

    104º F



    Dry to touch @ 77° F (50% rel. humidity)

    ~4 hours


    Cured coating: typical product characteristics

    Ultimate Elongation

    900% min.

    Ultimate tensile strength

    1500 psi min.

    Peel Adhesion

    2.4 pli

    Water vapor permeability

    0.18 perms

    Moisture absorption (7 day submersion)


    Service Temperature

    -40º - 140° F



    Thermal Emittance



    Q: What are migrating plasticizers?

    A: Plasticizers are chemical compounds found in plastics and some rubbers which are added to impact the plasticity or viscosity of the material. They make material more flexible and therefore good for certain uses. PVC or polyvinyl chloride contains plasticizers. These compounds can migrate from one material into another such as from your PVC roof into many types of coatings or building materials. The migration of these softening compounds can cause structural instability and damage to surrounding material over time. Topps Seal® for PVC is specially formulated to withstand this effect and protect your PVC roof for the long-term.

    Q: Is Topps Seal® for PVC energy efficient?

    A: Yes. The white color of Topps Seal® for PVC meets ENERGY STAR® standards and can significantly reduce cooling costs in times of high heat.

    Q: Is Topps Seal® for PVC waterproof?

    A: It is waterproof with near zero permeation.