Roof Repair Products


When dealing with a leaky commercial roof, finding the right product that can be applied quickly, is imperative to preventing long-term damage to your building and equipment. Waiting too long will most likely cost you more, as uncontrolled moisture can damage your roof to the point where a full and costly replacement is necessary.

Not sure where to start? Check out our repair sealant compounds below to see how we stack up.

Multi-repair Compound


  • An all rubber, universal roof repair cement used for flashings, seams, pitch pans, cracks, splits and making various repairs on all roof types.
  • Long-lasting, water-tight, 100% rubber seal.
  • Easily incorporates PolyCore™ reinforcement polyester, when needed, for extra strength
  • Voted the #1 repair compound among roofing professionals.

Also available in EPDM/PVC/TPO grade for relevant commercial roof types.

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Multi Repair Compound for EPDM/PVC/TPO

Polyprene® for EPDM/PVC/TPO

Polyprene® is a rubber, universal roof repair cement used for flashings, seams, pitch pans, cracks, splits and making various repairs on EPDM/PVC/TPO roofs. We offer a special Polyprene® with extra agents that provide maximized adhesion specifically for EPDM/PVC/TPO roof repairs. Polyprene® for EPDM/PVC/TPO offers a water-tight and long-lasting seal. The heavily-fibered, high-solids content prevents mud cracking, making it ideal for pitch pans as well as to seal seams, cracks, around vibrating rooftop equipment, skylights, vents, flashings, and more. Polyprene® for EPDM/PVC/TPO is available only in heavy brush grade.

  • Quickly and easily reinforces critical areas
  • All rubber, fiber reinforced — stays flexible and won't crack when cold
  • May be used with or without PolyCore™ reinforcement, as needed
  • Can be applied thick, in one layer, without threat of mud cracking

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  • Designed to mend roof seams and fasteners on metal roofs.
  • Locks seals properly tightened fasteners and protects against rust and future failure at critical points.
  • The specially compounded, synthetic rubbers elongate further when warm and needed most and become stronger in cold climates, keeping seams and fasteners sealed in all climates.
  • Works in tandem with Polyprene cement and Topps Seal

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SeamGuard™ WB

  • Seam and fastener sealer for use on Topps Seal® WB (water-based) applications.
  • SeamGuard WB plugs gaps up to 1/16” wide, offering protection against hairline cracks that can wreak havoc on your structure.
  • Applied in two coats, SeamGuard WB develops into an effective, membrane-like seal that repels moisture.

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  • Stitch bonded 100% polyester reinforcing membrane.
  • The premier membrane for adding strength to critical roof areas and repairs.
  • With superior multi-directional strength and elongation properties, our four-inch PolyCore is suitable for seams, while our six-inch PolyCore works well for flashings. Forty- and forty-two-inch rolls help to cap large sections, including entire roofs.

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  • Seals and relines all types of gutters
  • A tough, reliable rubber liner, effectively mitigates gutter and roof damage.
  • Constructed wholly of rubber, preventing the invasion of moisture for the short- and long-term.
  • Promotes optimal gutter functioning alongside fewer cleanings.

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For Roof Rust Removal Using Solvent-Based Coating


  • Dissolves light corrosion and cleans the roof surface prior to power washing.
  • applied to metal roof surfaces prior to power washing.
  • Easy to use and may be brushed or sprayed on.
  • Pre-mixed and ready to use.

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Ends Roof Rust and Primes for Water-Based Coating


  • Prepares rusty metal for coating with water-based Topps Seal® WB.
  • This water-borne product chemically converts rust to a more stable oxide when applied after power-washing.
  • Dries into a primer that blocks future rust after coating.
  • Apply only to rusty areas.
  • Designed for use with water-based coatings only.

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the perfect bonding product for a bituminous system


  • A powerful bonding product to ensure that your sealant adheres properly to the surface.
  • Instantly blocks color bleed-through from underlying bitumen.
  • Assures maximum color development and reflectivity of the top coating.
  • Enhances Topps Seal® adhesion to BUR, ModBit and other bituminous surfaces.

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Masonry and Concrete Primer


  • This penetrating, clear, thin primer is used to prepare porous, non-painted masonry and concrete for sealing with Topps Seal® and other coatings.
  • Absorbs and bonds light surface oxidation and forms an initial seal beneath the surface. Prepares oxidized or chalked surfaces so they may be coated over with excellent adhesion by a sealant like Topps Seal.
  • ClearSeal™ applies at approximately one gallon per 100 – 150 sq. feet. The coverage will depend on usage.

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