System 5000 - Mod-Bit-BUR
  • System 5000 - Mod-Bit-BUR

    Reference # 24

    This full service, fully reinforced capping system gives you a maintenance procedure for your BUR/ModBit roofing that is well adhered and in sound condition. This durable and completely reinforced system seals, reinforces, and extends the life of well adhered BUR/ModBit roofing that needs the extra reinforcement of a continuous mesh that is encased inside the coating.

    The 1-step installation procedure after roof preparation incorporates the tough PolyCore II™ polyester web as its core. It applies directly to the existing roof, saving the tear-off labor costs and expense of replacement. The insulation and underlayment must be dry and in good condition. Application goes on without tear-off and business interruption.

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