System 1000
  • System 1000

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    Metal roofs seldom wear out. They're lost from lack of maintenance. Temperature changes loosen components. Weather erodes the original, thin protective finish. The result is leaks and surface rust.

    The Topps® complete, seamless restoration process for Metal Roofs seals, prevents leaks, corrosion and provides an ENERGY STAR€ bright white reflective surface which can drop peak energy cooling demand by up to 15%.

    With proper care and a metal roof restoration and/or maintenance program, a metal roof can last for the life of the building. Controls leaks, rust, fasteners and flashings in a timely matter.

    Polyprene® Starting at $139.60 More Info
    PolyCore™ Starting at $31.00 More Info
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    MultiUse Cleaner™
    MultiUse Cleaner™ Starting at $78.50 More Info
    Topps Seal® Excel
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    Topps Seal®
    Topps Seal® More Info
    Topps Seal® Base Coat
    Topps Seal® Base Coat More Info
    TS Commercial Grade™
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