Fix a Leaky Roof

Fast, Economical, and Resilient Solutions for Roof Leaks

When dealing with a leaky commercial roof, finding the right product that can be applied quickly, is imperative to preventing long-term damage to your building and equipment. Waiting too long will most likely cost you more, as uncontrolled moisture can damage your roof to the point where a full and costly replacement is necessary.

Step 1) Find the Cause

The first step in making an informed decision is to determine what caused the leak in the first place. Correcting the underlying cause and utilizing the product with the best compatibility for the job determine how effective your roof repairs will be. Not sure how to inspect your commercial roof? Contact a Topps Certified Installer to discover the causes for you.

Step 2) Compare Physical Features

Once the cause of the leak is determined, there are many physical properties that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right repair sealant product. Multiple forces are often contributing to the problem. Since it is impossible to ever know which singular characteristic will prove most important to the durability of your roof system, the best roof sealant compounds should perform well for you on every count. Prioritize products with high levels of elasticity, tensile strength, and tear resistance among other things.

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Multi-Repair Compound

Topps’ Polyprene® is an all-rubber, ready-to-use repair compound for most common roof repairs. Its flexbility, and heavily carbon fortified reinformcement strands make it a universal roof repair cement used to reinforce flashings, seams, cracks, splits, and more. By forming a long-lasting, watertight rubber seal, this resilient material permits a single, durable application that won’t crack, buckle, or weaken in heat or cold. The standard product is suitable for all general roof repairs. Also available in EPDM/PVC grade for relevant commerical roof types.

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Liquid Gutter Liner

GutterGuard is a tough, reliable rubber liner, effectively mitigates gutter and roof damage. Applied by spray or brush, GutterGuard offers a perfect custom fit each time. It’s constructed wholly of rubber, preventing the invasion of moisture for the short- and long-term. Providing extra protection along seams and rivets, GutterGuard promotes optimal gutter functioning alongside fewer cleanings.

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Repair Reinforcement Mesh

PolyCore Roof Reinforcing Membrane delivers stitch-bonded reinforcements to strengthen every repair. This 100% polyester membrane provides channels for liquid rubber to flow through, facilitating the integrity of the repair. With superior multi-directional strength and elongation properties, our four-inch PolyCore is suitable for seams, while our six-inch PolyCore works well for flashings. Forty- and forty-two-inch rolls help to cap large sections, including entire roofs.

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Seam and Fastener Sealer

Seam/RivetGuard is designed to mend roof seams and fasteners. This popular solution for metal roof repair helps to seam, caulk, and withstand thermal movements. Resistant to the ravages of both heat and cold, Seam/RivetGuard won’t warp in environmental extremes, and it protects against rust for the long term. This gelled formula makes for an easy one-coat application, and works in tandem with Polyprene cement and Topps Seal coatings.

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Water-Based Seam Sealer

SeamGuard WB offers industry-leading, water-based seam sealing. Applied by airless sprayer or roofing brush, SeamGuard WB cuts down on labor costs associated with tapes and other water-based coatings. SeamGuard WB plugs gaps up to 1/16” wide, offering protection against hairline cracks that can wreak havoc on your structure. Applied in two coats, SeamGuard WB develops into an effective, membrane-like seal that repels moisture.

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