How to choose the best elastomeric roof coating

May 16, 2017
How to choose the best elastomeric roof coating
An elastomeric roof coating is an elastic coating applied to a variety of roof types to protect and seal the underlying roofing material, help stop and prevent leaks, and limit future weathering. They are designed to move with your roof and be more forgiving rather than remain rigid, a quality that makes them especially durable. Some coatings are also designed to cool the building. The term elastomeric comes from the coating’s elastic quality to stretch and move. Elastomeric roof coatings can be used on many industrial and commercial roof types such as metal roofs, concrete roofs, bitumen, modified bitumen or BUR roofs, EPDM roofs, or as a sealant over new PUF roofs.....

Four Steps to a Secure, High-Performance Roof

February 28, 2017
Chose a certified commercial roof technician to inspect every aspect of your existing roof. They should mark any elements that need to be....