Protecting Your Flat Commercial Roof from Snow and Ice

August 17, 2018
Protecting Your Flat Commercial Roof from Snow and Ice
We often take for granted the work our roofs do for us in winter. While we stay safe from routine events like snow and ice storms, the roofs above our heads bear the brunt of the elements. But the work they do takes its toll over time. Snow and ice accumulation can have devastating effects on a commercial roof, causing damage to roofing materials and weakening structural components. If you own or manage a building in a wintry climate, taking steps to protect your roof from ice and snow can save you a lot of money, effort, and energy. In this article, we'll discuss the hazards your roof faces in winter, and how you can prepare for them.....

Preparing Your Commercial Roof for Hurricane Season

June 25, 2018
Preparing Your Commercial Roof for Hurricane Season
Hurricanes are a serious threat to the Gulf and Atlantic coasts. Historically, roughly three major hurricanes hit the United States every five years, and in recent years that average has increased. In 2017 alone, hurricanes caused roughly $282 billion in damage to the United States and the Caribbean, with one storm, Harvey, accounting for almost half that total in Texas and Louisiana. As hurricanes continue to threaten coastal states, property owners in these regions must reckon with the damage they can cause. No part of your building is more susceptible to hurricane damage than your roof, and special considerations should be made to help your roof weather the storm. Below, we'll talk about how to prepare your roof for hurricane season, and what to do if a major storm hits your area. ....

Comparing Topps Seal® to 100% Silicone Coatings

February 27, 2018
Most everyone who has used a bathtub caulk has experience using silicones. And everyone who has a car with rubber bumpers and tires knows the virtues of rubber with weathering. Both are excellent – for their own purposes. But which has better properties for roofing? Let’s begin with metal roofing. Both products have nearly identical moisture absorption standards for days on end in ASTM testing with this type roofing which always slopes. They allow almost zero absorption for durations of weather. This means excellent protection against rust and corrosion. Both also provide excellent protection against UV and other elements. However, that’s where their similarities end.....

How do I know when I should restore my flat roof versus just always patching leaks?

February 28, 2017
I tend to be on the conservative side when it comes to leaking flat roof systems. I prefer to coat leaking flat roofs when it is showing age....