Roof Coatings - How Does One Pick A Roof Coating?

February 28, 2017

Coatings are no more the same in quality, than prime roofing membranes, automobiles or houses! The better ones will do the intended job, but only when appropriate installation measures are prescribed AND followed.

It’s a good idea to understand what you’re getting and whether a roof coating can save you money. Topps has a new 12 page free booklet that does this. It covers the “why”, “how”, and even gives a comparison of product based upon governmental test standards. It’s something that most people often overlook or don’t realize exists. Call today and we'll send you the free booklet!

Know who really makes the coating under that label you’re buying. The practice of many so called “manufacturers” is to buy product of others – often at the lowest price on the dollar – and claim it to be theirs. Topps manufacturing is by our own people with ingredients and output that we control. They are backed by realistic warranties – not a shell company operating out of a rental package delivery store and “virtual office” somewhere. Brick and mortar cement us to your success rather than a light switch and just warranty words on paper.

Looking to coat your roof with a highly reflective, all white, energy efficient coating? Call Topps today at 800-867-7177 or 855-867-7176.

Find out more about the benefits of elastomeric roof coating

Find out more about the benefits of elastomeric roof coating

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