Four Steps to a Secure, High-Performance Roof

February 28, 2017
Step 1 - Survey:

Chose a certified commercial roof technician to inspect every aspect of your existing roof. They should mark any elements that need to be repaired or replaced and review their recommendations with you. Topps has certified independent contractors nationwide to perform this service for you.

Step 2 - Cleaning:

Proper surface preparation ensures the new surface will completely bond. High-pressure washing removes all dirt and any ailed coatings. Prior to cleaning, a rust neutralizer and cleaner (like Topps RustArrestor™) should be applied to all areas showing signs of corrosion.

Step 3 - Repairs:

Loose fasteners are tightened, added or replaced if necessary. Critical areas such as flashings, HVAC units, curbs, stacks and vents are treated with a thick mastic (like Topps Polyprene®). All seams and fasteners are sealed (Topps Seam/RivetGuard™) and a special reinforcing membrane (PolyCore) is applied where extra strength is needed.

Step 4 - Sealing:

The entire roof should be coated with a base coat (Topps Seal® Base Coat) and then a final application of Topps Seal®. This leaves a seamless, air-tight protective membrane.

Learn About Our Roof Restoration Systems

Learn About Our Roof Restoration Systems

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