Don't replace your roof...restore it with Topps

Don't replace your roof...restore it with Topps

February 28, 2017


Topps commercial roofing systems blanket your commercial roof with a seamless, cold-applied rubber membrane that conforms to all surfaces, sealing out the damaging effects of weather and environmental corrosives. Click here for the system just right for your needs. They are lightweight, sound deadening, energy efficient and, best of all, there's NO downtime during application.


Why replace 100% of your roof when only 10% is the problem? Sounds pretty costly and inefficient! There's an old adage "your roof accounts for 10% of the total cost of construction of a building, but accounts for 90% of its problems down the road" - most facility managers will probably agree!

When a roof has failed or is damaged beyond repair, there's no question but to replace it. Integrating the Topps system into your roof maintenance plan can save you money down the road.

Leaks occur initially in isolated areas; seams, skylights, around HVAC equipment. Making regular repairs to these vulnerable areas can save real money by preventing premature roof replacement.

Roof replacement is disruptive, costly and often completely unnecessary. The Topps® restoration and maintenance system is non-invasive, economical, adds years to the life of your existing roof and typically saves 1/2 to 2/3 the cost of premature replacement.

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Learn About Our Roof Restoration Systems

Learn About Our Roof Restoration Systems

Don't replace your roof, restore it!

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