Cool your roof, stop leaks and save energy!

February 28, 2017

Using a white Energy Star® cool roof coating reduces cooling costs. Real world experiences give us examples of cooling a 128° roof surface to ~ 85° simply by applying a cool roof coating such as Topps Seal. More importantly, the cool roof coating also stops leaks and extends the life of the roof. A cooler roof moves less and, if any maintenance is needed, it is greatly reduced.

The benefits and cost savings from reducing maintenance and cooling costs, over time, may very well pay for the entire cost of resurfacing over a period of 10 years of savings or less. That’s a strong reason for investing in a new cool roof surface now.

You gain these benefits - energy savings, maintenance reduction, seal roof leaks - like you would with a new white roof, but at a fraction of the cost of a new roof.

Why replace your entire roof, when less than 10% of the roof may be your problem? A new surface is all that is normally needed.

Prairie Ag wrote “I’m a customer who has used Topps Seal®. Putting it to the test in the rain today. It has made a huge difference with the reflectivity. Our inside shop temp dropped nearly 15 degrees after install. We are pleased with the product!”

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Learn About Our Roof Restoration Systems

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