Vice President Logistics & Field Support


Bob Arnold’s nearly 20 years of service to the firm covering various strategic leadership roles, positions him ideally to provide various requirements supporting the growth and expansion of Topps’ U.S. operations. His respected knowledge and proven professional approach that he brings to business, including product knowledge, supports our needs to meet a wide range of challenges and provide smooth transition associated with Topps continued growth. Bob is “home grown”, having joined Topps in 2000 as a Sales Manager. He grew through the ranks to become Vice-President of Sales, was promoted in 2007 to VP and General Sales Manager, and now serves this important role overseeing logistics and support to field activities which are fueled by sales growth and expansion of distribution.


Wayne Altizer


Wayne joins the Topps® team with a quick ability to understand and support your needs regardless of your perspective. Wayne began his career as a General Contractor specializing in commercial renovations from the top down.

Ross Stover

National Sales Manager

Ross Stover, National Sales Manager for Topps Products, Inc. brings a vast array of experiences to the table.

Larry Roe

Account Manager

Larry Roe joined Topps as Account Manager for Topps Products, Inc., directly after years of experience with one of the country’s oldest roofing firms of over 100 years.