Roof Repair Products


When dealing with a leaky commercial roof, finding the right product that can be applied quickly, is imperative to preventing long-term damage to your building and equipment. Waiting too long will most likely cost you more, as uncontrolled moisture can damage your roof to the point where a full and costly replacement is necessary.

Not sure where to start? Check out our repair sealant compounds below to see how we stack up.

Multi-repair Compound


All rubber Polyprene® makes effective repairs to flashings, seams, pitch pans, cracks, and splits. Use on most roof types. Polyprene® was voted the #1 repair compound among roofing professionals. The heavily fibered high-solids content prevents mud cracking, making it ideal for pitch pans as well as to seal seams, cracks, around vibrating rooftop equipment, skylights, vents, flashings, and more. In emergency situations, wet surface adhesive agents allow repairs even to damp metal.

  • Quickly and easily reinforces critical areas
  • All rubber, fiber reinforced — stays flexible and won't crack when cold
  • Wet surface adhesive agents allow repairs to damp metal, when required
  • Easily incorporates PolyCore™ reinforcement polyester, when needed, for extra strength
  • Can be applied thick, in one layer, without the threat of mud cracking
  • Available in Heavy Brush Grade in 3-gallon pails
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Multi Repair Compound for EDPM/PVC

Polyprene® for EPDM/PVC

Polyprene® is a rubber, universal roof repair cement used for flashings, seams, pitch pans, cracks, splits and making various repairs on EPDM/PVC roofs. We offer a special Polyprene® with extra agents that provide maximized adhesion specifically for EPDM and PVC roof repairs. Polyprene® for EPDM/PVC offers a water-tight and long-lasting seal. The heavily-fibered, high-solids content prevents mud cracking, making it ideal for pitch pans as well as to seal seams, cracks, around vibrating rooftop equipment, skylights, vents, flashings, and more. Polyprene® for EPDM/PVC is available only in heavy brush grade.

  • Quickly and easily reinforces critical areas
  • All rubber, fiber reinforced — stays flexible and won't crack when cold
  • May be used with or without PolyCore™ reinforcement, as needed
  • Can be applied thick, in one layer, without threat of mud cracking

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What do you do when you have a leaking metal roof seam or problem with fasteners on your metal roof? Weather can wreak havoc on a metal roof. Thermal movement is created by changing temperatures, and as roof materials expand and contract metal roof seams can become loose. Bad weather can further the damage, and early intervention can save your metal roof.

Topps® Products has a solution. Seam/RivetGuard™—our popular product specifically designed for metal roofs—seals, caulks, and withstands normal thermal movement from changing temperatures and more. The specially compounded, synthetic rubbers elongate further when warm and needed most and become stronger in cold climates, keeping seams and fasteners sealed in all climates.

Strong and elastic, Seam/RivetGuard™ seals seams that are properly closed. The product locks seals properly tightened fasteners and protects against rust and future failure at critical points.

Seam/RivetGuard™ represents the ultimate gelled formula sealant for both seams and fasteners where a one-coat application does both. This makes it a real labor-saver.

For larger sectional areas, you can use this product together with Polyprene® cement, and Topps Seal® coatings.

  • Seals seams and fasteners
  • Leaves no voids

Can incorporate PolyCore™ polyester reinforcement fabric, where needed, for more critical areas

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SeamGuard™ WB

SeamGuard™ WB expands the effectiveness of sealing seams and fasteners with water-based coating systems by adding 750% elongation and an enhanced adhesion package. The greater elongation and enhanced performance helps stop leaks and prevent future capillary action which can result in problems later.

SeamGuard WB, which applies by airless sprayer or roofing brush, saves costly labor of being on hands and knees as associated with tapes more typically required with water-based coatings. SeamGuard WB can plug up to 1/16" gaps that you might not otherwise see. This liquid sealant applies in two coats after all seams and fasteners are tightened flush during roof preparation.

This seam sealer provides a labor-saving spray- or brush-on liquid sealer.

  • Seam and fastener sealer for use on Topps Seal® WB (water-based) applications
  • Applies in two coats to develop into an effective membrane-like seal that prevents wicking moisture
  • Accepts PolyCore™ fabric for making repairs and adding reinforcement where extra strength is required

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PolyCore™ stitch bonded 100% polyester reinforcing membrane makes every repair stronger. The precisely spaced warp in the material provides integrated channels for liquid rubber to flow through, interlocking and further increasing dimensional integrity. PolyCore II™, with its flatter profile, permits complete encapsulation with less coating.

This reinforcing fabric is the premier membrane for adding strength to critical roof areas and repairs.

  • Exceptional multi-directional strength
  • Superior elongation properties
  • Adds strength to critical roof areas where repairs are made

4" PolyCore™ is used for seams. 
6" PolyCore™ is used for flashing. 
40 - 42" rolls of PolyCore™ are used to efficiently cap larger sections, including entire roofs.

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When gutters leak, problems are just beginning. Deterioration rapidly grows, leaks increase, and replacement soon becomes inevitable.

However, there is an alternative: reline your gutters with a seamless rubber system. Topps® GutterGuard® is the answer. Use GutterGuard® to seal and reline all types of gutters.

This extremely tough, remarkable rubber liner goes on by spray or brush, making a perfect custom fit every time. Because it’s made using 100% rubber, GutterGuard® prevents further moisture attack, giving your gutter a durable seal. GutterGuard’s amazing ability to cling to edges works where you need it most — giving extra protection at seams and rivets.

With GutterGuard®, water and debris build up—a common source for rust and corrosion to develop—is blocked out. After installation of GutterGuard®, your system will flow better and will require less cleaning.

GutterGuard® is the premier liquid gutter sealant.

  • Seals and relines all types of gutters
  • Tough, hard, and flexible all rubber liner that flows on with spray or brush and becomes seamless when cured onto clean, old metal
  • Prevents further moisture attack - provides seamless seal for gutters

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For Roof Rust Removal Using Solvent-Based Coating


The success of any coating applied to metal depends upon the effective surface preparation of any underlying corrosion. The chemistry of RustArrestor™ for use with solvent based systems make this possible using less labor than other rust removal methods.

RustArrestor™ is applied to metal roof surfaces prior to power washing. It penetrates and loosens light rust in just 10 minutes for removal with high pressure water. It also converts other rust to a more stable oxide making it ready for coating.

RustArrestor™ easily prepares rust and makes it ready for coating.

  • Dissolves light corrosion
  • Cleans the roof surface
  • Easy to use, may be brushed or sprayed on
  • Leaves no film
  • Pre-mixed and ready to use

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Ends Roof Rust and Primes for Water-Based Coating


Dual purpose RAP™ rust conditioner & Primer saves both material and labor with its one-coat application that prepares rusty metal for coating with water-based Topps Seal® WB. This waterborne product chemically converts powdery rust into a more stable oxide that gets bound within a vinyl barrier as it dries and becomes the primer coat.

  • This water-borne product chemically converts rust to a more stable oxide when applied after power-washing
  • Dries into a primer that blocks future rust after coating
  • Apply only to rusty areas
  • Designed for use with water-based coatings only

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the perfect bonding product for a bituminous system


When resurfacing a bituminous roof it is important to use a powerful bonding product to ensure that your sealant adheres properly to the surface.  

BondIt™ is the perfect bonding product for use on your bituminous system. The unique chemistry of BondIt™ strongly adheres Topps Seal® to the bitumen while simultaneously providing a layer of protection against color bleed-through. Apply as a single coat to all well-adhered bitumen, before fixing any problems or applying any coatings.

  • Instantly blocks color bleed-through from underlying bitumen
  • Assures maximum color development and reflectivity of the top coating
  • Enhances Topps Seal® adhesion to BUR, ModBit and other bituminous surfaces

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Masonry and Concrete Primer


This penetrating, clear, thin primer is used to prepare porous, non-painted masonry and concrete for sealing with Topps Seal® and other coatings. ClearSeal™ absorbs and bonds light surface oxidation and forms an initial seal beneath the surface. Prepares oxidized or chalked surfaces so they may be coated over with excellent adhesion by a sealant like Topps Seal. ClearSeal™ applies at approximately one gallon per 100 – 150 sq. feet. The coverage will depend on usage.

  • Primes uncoated masonry/concrete
  • Absorbs and binds slight chalkiness
  • Temporary water repellency

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