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Polyurethane Foam (PUF) Roofs

Read on for information about Polyurethane Foam (PUF) roofs, including step-by-step instructions on how to fix a leaking PUF roof, as well as Roofing Products & Coatings used on PUF roofs.

Common Problems with Polyurethane Roofs:

Aged polyurethane roofing systems can be easily maintained using a high-quality elastomeric coating, like Topps Seal®.  This will preserve, as well as extend the life of the roof, and can extend the time before recoating is necessary, as much as 5 years. 

Localized roof repairs may be required for areas where poor-quality or water-saturated foam needs exists. This type of repair is easily accomplished by removing the damaged foam and replacing it with new foam and then coating. 

How to seal a Polyurethane Foam roof:

  • Clean and remove any dirt, debris, failing prior coatings and foreign matter being careful not to damage the foam.
  • Use an IR scan to identify any wet foam that has absorbed water.
  • Make all necessary repairs.  Remove damaged or damp foam and replace those areas with new PUF, per manufacturer's instructions.  Embed PolyCore membrane into wet SeamGuard™ WB at all penetrations and flashings.  Then overcoat immediately with more SeamGuard™ WBPolyprene® universal sealant should be used around any areas subject to vibration or movement.  On new Polyurethane foam roofs, Polyprene® may be used at any flashing or penetration that needs to be reinforced.   
  • Apply the first coat of coating by spray or roller, always "back-rolling" (using a paint roller, roll over the first coat to maximize adhesion).  Always use only the Topps Seal® WB version when applying to old roofs.  Standard solvent based Topps Seal® or Topps Seal® Base Coat is for use on new roofs only.  Roof surface must be "orange peel" or smoother to be suitable for maintenance coating.
  • Complete the process with a final coat, when dry.  The final finish may be spray applied without rolling.  Use only Topps Seal® WB over aged PUF roofs.  Topps Seal® solvent based is for use only on new PUF roofing.

About Topps Polyurethane Foam Roof Repair Products & Coatings

Our integrated line of roof repair products and restoration coatings exceed the highest industry standards. The quality of roof repair and waterproofing system depends largely on the product used. Don’t waste time or money with less than the best.

Energy Efficient Roofing: Reflective Roof Coating for Polyurethane Foam Roofs

All tests confirm the savings that you can achieve with ENERGY STAR® roof coatings.  It has been shown that peak cooling demand can be reduced by 15% or more.  We have energy audits revealing as much as a 24% cooling cost reduction in a warmer climate.  Yet this is perhaps secondary compared to how well your coating will perform for all of your other protection needs.

What is more critical is the fact that not all ENERGY STAR coatings perform alike, even in terms of ENERGY STAR standards. Still, the cost for a highly performing ENERGY STAR roof coating can cost no more than those that do not provide the same benefits.

Our superior elastomeric coating far exceeds all ENERGY STAR® requirements, along with other physical properties.  A little known fact is that ENERGY STAR allows for reduced performance after aging.  This is a factor overlooked by many.  Uniquely, Topps Seal®, after aging, stands out by even exceeding those new performance standards.  This feature, alone, is enough to help many in their search for the best ENERGY STAR roof coating.

Naturally, how much savings you get is determined by a number of other factors, including insulation, building orientation to the sun, etc.  But on a comparative basis, it is generally accepted that the product that performs better across all criteria is the best starting place for the best value.  Since all products age, aged performance should be among top criteria for selecting the best value of your maintenance roof coating option.


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