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Topps Products is for commercial and industrial roofing professionals who take their jobs seriously. Our products and support exceed industry standards.

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Building Owners & Facility Managers

Professional solutions for all your roofing needs, from roof repair to restoration to cool roof coatings, we've got you covered.

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Topps offers a fully integrated line of roof restoration coatings and repair products. 

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Our Video Library shows step-by-step directions for making roof repairs.


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Topps Products

Topps Products delivers sustainable, commercial and industrial roof maintenance systems.  Our roof coatings and sealants have been protecting and sealing roofs, stopping leaks and extending roof life for over 25 years.  Topps products have proven durable in over 30 countries and on every continent and in every imaginable climate. 

Topps Products just completed a total roof renovation for the Duck Commander building, the inspiration for the hit TV show "Duck Dynasty".  Click the image below to see a brief video of that job.

Topps Products Complete Roof Restoration of Duck Commander


Your Roofing Option

With high disposal costs, expensive roof replacement costs, and the ongoing search for lower energy costs, roof maintenance and restoration has become a growing answer for companies of all sizes. No longer is it a practice limited only to the largest companies with skilled facility managers trained in cost control. By making your roof investment leak-free once again, and preserving it, you participate in the growing drive to resourcefulness and savings.

Of course not all commercial roofs are good candidates for roof maintenance and renewal. In some instances it is too late. A qualified, independent professional roofer can assess your roof and tell you whether damaged areas are limited enough to justify isolated replacement, correcting minor defects and restoring it with a protective coating system - or whether it's too late. In most instances, unless a roof has deteriorated so extensively, a roof maintenance coating system is a good choice. It installs without business interruption. And from a durable energy efficient roof coating you also should experience additional savings that include improved cooling inside.

Need to fix a leaky roof?

The first step to commercial or industrial roof maintenance is roof repair if you experience any conditions similar to these - or worse! The next step is a maintenance coating to help protect your roof and extend its service life.

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