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Products used in over 30 countries

Topps® Products roofing solutions have been successfully implemented in over 30 countries on every continent on the globe. Why does this matter? It matters because our products have been tested in every conceivable climate condition and have been proven to work. Our roof sealants and cool roof coatings are specifically formulated (in our own facilities) to work with your particular roofing material and climate to offer a warranty-protected improvement to your roof’s performance and life expectancy. In addition to corporate leadership, our management team has vast experience in the field, so they understand the complex nature of roof improvement projects worldwide and can ensure that Topps® Products provides our contracting partners and customers the best possible customer service.

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The team at Topps is here to help. We pride ourselves on best-in-class customer service and support. If you have questions about our products, services, joining our team, becoming Topps® certified or getting a free estimate, please call us at 800-867-7177 or click the button below to send us a message.

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All of Topps® Products are made in America. Topps Seal® is an ENERGY STAR® partner, and many of our products meet the stringent Miami-Dade County standards of performance.